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Juniors take "Sugar Bowl" victory for first time ever

Junior and senior boys at San Luis High School faced off in the annual “Sugar Bowl” flag football game on Sept. 28, 2017.

Upperclassmen students signed up and practiced for weeks to try and earn a victory in the two-hour game, while teachers took the job as coaches. This year, coaches for the Juniors were psychology teacher Timothy Rebek and history teacher Rene Castillo. Welding teacher Zachary Kelly and construction teacher Lawrence Casaus were the coaches for the Seniors.

This year’s game was one of the most unexpected events in the four-year history of the Sugar Bowl as the juniors took the victory for the first time ever.

Since the game started at 6 p.m. both teams seemed to have a lot of energy. Fox 9 News arrived at the event to report about the 2017 High School Food Bowl. The school with the most canned food donations earns a trophy with the winner being determined by the weight of the food donated.

In the first half of the game, junior Hernan Yanez scored the first touchdown of the night about half an hour into things. Agustin Padilla, a senior, made a comeback for the Seniors and at 6:38 he scored their first touchdown.

Both teams played pretty rough during the first half of the game, at 7:03 it was time for halftime. While the players rested and planned their strategies, SLHS' Snake Charmers, the school’s dance team, performed and the band pumped up the spectators with well-known songs.

The second half of the game resumed at 7:17 and the teams came out with the same intensity. A few minutes after the games resumed, the Juniors scored another touchdown. At 7:24, Isaac Lara scored, giving the juniors a one-touchdown lead. The Seniors tried their best to make another comeback, but, finally, the game came to an end.

The Juniors were declared the winners, and they celebrated with their coaches for their success.

When asked about losing the game, senior Gabriel Zamudio said, “It feels like we let our coaches down, well not only our coaches, but all the generations behind us and the future ones."

“[The juniors] deserve that win,” Zamudio added. “They put all of their hearts, minds and strength in that game.”

Aneth Martinez and Jennifer Villegas (SLHS)