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Arvizo and Jankwoski to share SLHS Principal duties

The Yuma Union High School Governing Board on Wednesday, Nov. 4, unanimously approved the recommendation of Superintendent Gina Thompson to elevate San Luis High School Principal Lucky Arvizo to Planning Principal for the new Somerton High School.

Rob Jankowski Lucky Arvizo Arvizo will remain as Co-Principal at San Luis alongside Robert Jankowski, who will share principal duties with Arvizo until the new Somerton campus is further along in its development.

“It’s a great honor,” Arvizo said. “It’s a great opportunity. I’m excited, not only personally, but for the Somerton community. [The new high school] is obviously something they’ve been waiting for and they deserve it. I feel honored to be a part of it. I do have a lot of roots in Somerton. Actually, my dad was born and raised in Somerton, Arizona and my grandfather, amongst other things in the 40s and 50s, he was kind of like the police or sheriff there.”

Arvizo has deep roots in YUHSD as well. He was a Yuma High School graduate and athletic Hall of Famer, and spent time teaching, coaching, and serving in administration at Cibola High School. He has been the principal at San Luis High School since January 2019, helping lead the school to one of the state’s best college-going rates.

“Building a school from the ground up is an incredible opportunity, but it’s also an incredible amount of work and learning,” Thompson said. “I didn’t build from the ground up, but was part of a massive reconstruction of Kofa and the lessons that I learned and the relationships I built have continued to be things that I value, but also helped me in informing future work. I know that Mr. Arvizo will take part in that as well.

“The co-principalship becomes a really important piece for the leadership of San Luis High School. We continue to see amazing things come from San Luis High School students and staff and that is not by accident. We all know that it takes a team to make things happen. Mr. Jankowski has an excellent role model in Mr. Arvizo. They have an excellent team all together with the other assistant principals and the other leaders on campus.”

Jankowski, who has spent the entirety of his 16 years in YUHSD at San Luis, has served as a teacher, coach, and administrator. Most recently, Jankowski has held the role of Academics Assistant Principal.

“As a co-principal, I’ve still got Mr. Arvizo for another year or two, so I can continue to rely on him and continue learning from him and grow my leadership skills around his,” Jankowski said. “I’ve really always focused on a student-centered mindset, so what’s the best decision with the students in mind. And plan to continue to lead that way.”

Eric Patten