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San Luis High School junior wins Frontera Rotary Scholarship

San Luis Frontera Rotary presented a scholarship to San Luis High School junior Oscar Lopez to attend this summer’s Arizona Boys State program. Oscar Lopez

The Arizona Boys State summer program, sponsored by the American Legion, is a citizenship training program designed to provide a working knowledge of our governmental process.  The program uses a “learning by doing” method. Boys attending learn about government by actually operating it. They establish a mythical 51st state patterned after Arizona. They set up their legislative assemblies and city councils, introduce their own bills, and organize their own courts and law enforcement agencies. Essentially, they act as self-governing citizens for a full week.

The San Luis Frontera Rotary chose Lopez to be the recipient of their scholarship to this program. He is in the top 10 of his class and will be going into his senior year at San Luis High School in the fall.

“Oscar is a very smart, humble and dedicated student who is very deserving of this opportunity,” said Maria Dillard, a counselor at SLHS.

Adrianne Wagner