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San Luis digital communications students publish creative works for online platform

San Luis High School Digital Communications students have a new outlet for their creativity.

With the guidance of instructor Adrianne Wagner, students in the level 2 photojournalism course are publishing photography and writing as part of a Facebook page called “The Sidewinder Times,” which went live in February.  

“We combine the techniques of photography with the requirements of AP Style journalistic writing,” Wagner said. “I thought this would be a great idea to keep my level 2 students engaged, constantly perfecting their craft, and drive interest and followers to our Facebook page.”

Those second level students, who took Digital Communications 1 the previous year, submit one content item to post each month. The photo can be taken with a cell phone or digital camera, but they must contain at least the basic photographic elements: rule of thirds, composition, lighting techniques, etc. Once they have a photo they are willing to share publicly, they are tasked with sending a quote to accompany the image.

The quote can be their own thoughts, a line from a poem, song or movie, or a general quote attributed to someone of historical importance or relative notoriety. The quote must be grammatically correct, verified, and double-checked for AP Style.

“So far, we have had some great response on the page and the students have been getting more and more creative with their work,” Wagner said. “It drives the students to perfect their vision and grammar. It also provides an element of fun to journalism assignments that they may not get otherwise. With these posts, they can create anything they like. With all other assignments, they have strict guidelines they need to follow. I enjoy allowing them full creativity and seeing what they come up with.”

Eric Patten