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SLHS senior accepted to Stanford University

San Luis High School senior Carlos Rodriguez has been accepted on a full-ride scholarship to Stanford University.

Rodriguez applied for scholarship assistance through the QuestBridge National College Match; a program that assists outstanding students from low-income families in matching with colleges they would not otherwise have an opportunity to speak to.

“During my junior year, I realized that my parents would not be able to help me afford my college education,” Rodriguez said. “I asked teachers for help, and they suggested that I start researching scholarships. But in January of 2018, QuestBridge sent an email asking me to apply, and it seemed too good to be true. I considered top schools to be out of my reach, but QuestBridge offered guidance during the college application process, so regardless of my self-doubts, I decided to apply.”

Stanford offers several summer camps that assist the transition to life on the Palo Alto, California campus, which Rodriguez intends to take advantage of. The scholarship provided tuition and room and board, but the university will assist Rodriguez in securing a job to pay for books, travel and any other expenses.

“My application was not perfect; I did not take every available AP class, my ACT score was not perfect, and I am not in the top ten of my graduating class,” Rodriguez added. “I nearly gave up several times during the application process, but there are things far more important than scores, like passion and resilience, which will get students far in not only college admissions, but in life. If students are intelligent, passionate, ambitious, and resilient, they are able to achieve anything, including an acceptance to a prestigious school.”

With a passion for science, Rodriguez intends to pursue a career in the chemical sciences after Stanford.

“San Luis High School got me closer to my true potential, and I will carry these lessons from high school to Stanford and beyond,” Rodriguez said.

Adrianne Wagner