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Savannah Botello earns acceptance into U of A Keys Program

Cibola Senior Savannah Botello has been accepted into the University of Arizona KEYS Research Internship Program for the summer of 2022.  According to their website: The seven week KEYS Research Internship Program is a unique summer opportunity for motivated Arizona high school students with a strong interest in bioscience, engineering, environmental health, or biostatistics to work side-by-side with top faculty in University of Arizona research labs.

“I’m incredibly excited and thankful for the opportunity to intern this summer,” Savannah says.  “I’ve always wanted to experience something like KEYS and work alongside others who have similar goals and passions. Having such access to the mentors and the labs is something that will also help me continue pursuing my own research at a more in-depth level.” 

According to the website: After initially training in laboratory techniques and safety, interns will participate in innovative research projects under the guidance of UA faculty and other lab members, including current university students. Past interns have assisted in creating better ways to detect and treat diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, asthma, and diabetes; exploring the effect of contaminated water sources on populations and the environment; studying plants and animals to determine their impact on ecosystems; and analyzing the role genes play in individual human health. At the close of the program, KEYS interns present what they’ve learned and experienced to friends, family, and the academic community at a public research showcase.

Kevin Swearingin

Savannah Botello