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Kofa JSA chapter ends successful year at Spring Congress

Kofa High School’s Junior State of America (JSA) chapter has once again been crowned Chapter of the Year for the state of Arizona.

After an active and successful year organizing and competing at local events, the Kings JSA chapter was acknowledged as being the best chapter of the organization in the state. In addition to that honor, Kofa also took home two trophies for best speakers, going to junior Justin Galvez and freshman Florencio De La Torre. Kofa Junior Joshua Garay was also installed as the JSA Governor for the state.

“Spring Congress was, in fact, the best mainly because we got to debate and have good discussions on certain topics,” KHS JSA member Oscar Ferguson said. “It was also a place to meet new people and hear some fresh voices from people you normally wouldn't hear from.”

Chris Freebairn, another member of the chapter detailed the types of activities available to attendees. “Hearing other students' bills interested me in the future of Arizona I want,” he said. “I was there to hear speakers giving their input on the bills and we vote if it passes or fails just like local, state, and federal government does. Amendments are created also. I love hearing other people's perspectives and their evidence to back it up. You get to see what each person is like on the political spectrum.”

The Kofa chapter will move on to compete at JSA nationals in Los Angeles on June 10. As part of the submission process, they submitted a video montage, highlighting their 2017-18 accomplishments. The video is viewable on the Kofa JSA YouTube page.