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KHS Student Council students create gold ribbons for childhood cancer awareness

KHS Students selling ribbonsYUMA, AZ – Kofa High School’s Student Council recognized childhood cancer awareness by creating gold ribbons during the school’s fall spirit week.

KHS Student Council members brainstormed different activities to promote awareness for various causes and decided to celebrate childhood cancer awareness by creating and selling gold ribbons as a fundraiser. Student Council matched the proceeds made from the sale to donate $154 to the AdvoKATE Foundation. 

“I love the idea of students working on activities that help others. It gives them a sense of purpose and feeling like they are making a difference,” KHS Student Council Advisor Lisa Jahn said. “My kids have a huge heart and I enjoy seeing their passion for helping others manifest in different projects.”

The gold ribbon is the international awareness symbol for childhood cancer. Unlike the other awareness ribbons that focus on a singular type of cancer, the gold ribbon is a symbol for all forms of cancer affecting children and adolescents.

"It felt nice being a part of something that brings awareness, not just for cancer, but for childhood cancer, because I'm around students,” said KHS senior America Rodriguez, who oversaw the project for Student Council. “These students are typically my age and I feel a personal connection to them. It is inspiring to see how many other people on campus are willing to help [by purchasing the ribbons].  It really fulfills my purpose in my position within Student Council."

The AdvoKATE Foundation is a non-profit volunteer organization created to honor Kate Campa’s legacy by raising awareness and funds for research to fight childhood cancer.


Christian Magana