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Gila Ridge students learn to play AllBall

GRHS students play all ball Gila Ridge High School recently received a visit from the creators of a new Physical Education Sport called “AllBall.”

Tony Cerbo and his son, Zach, visited the campus to introduce their hybrid game to the students and staff of the GRHS PE Department.

AllBall is played on a basketball court, but combines basketball, soccer, handball and football elements, where players can score 2 to 10 points by kicking, throwing, passing or shooting. Generally, teams are comprised of four players apiece.

“We had a great time with the students today,” Tony Cerbo said. “After explaining the game briefly, we allowed students to pick their teams and play All Ball. After a few minutes we were very impressed how quickly they picked it up. It was fun to see them strategizing and competing in a new sport.”

Cerbo came up with the idea to create a game in 2013 while watching his son play in a basketball tournament. After putting together the pieces and then trademarks, copyrights and patents, the game was ready to play. The goal for the group is to have this become a high school sanctioned sport, so their grassroots movement is to visit as many schools, towns, and states, and introduce students and faculty to the game.

“This was a very cool game. The students really got into it”, said GRHS PE Department Chair Joe Daily. “The great part was the students were getting a great workout in, utilizing teamwork and many other state standards while having fun.”

Tony Cerbo agreed with Daily. “It was fun to see them strategizing and competing in a new sport,” said Tony Cerbo, “I want to thank Joe Daily and the staff for inviting us in and helping with organizing the students.”

Details about All Ball can be found at

James Kuzniak