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Meet Our School Social Workers

Who We Are

A school social worker is a trained mental provide resources and support to students health professional who supports a student's and their family's social and emotional needs while reducing barriers to academic success. We are a link to resources, provide mental health services in individual and group setting and provide a safe space. We support families by empowering, listening, validating, problem solving and connecting to resources. We develop partnerships with community agencies in an effort to collaborate with staff by being an extra layer of support to promote a positive and healthy school culture and climate that is conducive to student learning and to facilitate and provide professional development. 

Bianca Arias with red background and shield logo
Blanca Arias

KHS School Social Worker
Phone: (928) 502-5383
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Devin Sioma with purple background and wolf logo
Devin Sioma

VHS School Social Worker
Phone: (928) 502-6813
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Alejandra Lopez with green background and snake logo
Alejandra Lopez

SLHS School Social Worker
Phone: (928) 502-6081
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