College & Career Planning

  • Early college and career planning is important for all students and parents. It ensures students take the necessary courses in high school to achieve their post-graduation goals as well as the steps required for entry into college. Knowing your career interests and understanding what level of postsecondary education is required is an important first step. The resources below can help you explore your career aspirations, understand what’s required of you in high school and upon graduation, know how to plan for college, and more.

    High School Graduation Requirements

    All graduating Arizona students are required to meet or exceed the state’s established graduation requirements. Students interested in attending a four-year university are required to meet additional requirements.

    Arizona Department of Education's Graduation Requirements

    University Entry Graduation Requirements

    College and Career Planning Resources

    There are many valuable resources available for students, parents, and educators for planning, funding, and entering postsecondary education. Below are several local and national sources; however, many more exist. The key is to take time to find the one that works best for you, understand the college and career planning process, and map your way to success.

    Expect More Arizona 

    Expect More Arizona provides valuable information about how to dream, plan, and track your way to college and career success. Resources are available for students, parents, and educators. Learn More»


    Big Future is a website of the College Board which provides students, parents, and educators with valuable information about planning for college, selecting a school, finding funding, and more. Learn More»

    University HQ

    A college planning and savings guide for families.