SHS Digital Resources for Students/Parents

  • Somerton High School utilizes several different online systems that are available to students, teachers, and parents. We are offering some clarification as to the purpose of these systems and how our teachers use them in our practice of making sure EVERY student graduates prepared to succeed in college, career and community.

    ParentVUE/Synergy - Student Information System
    :  Records grades, attendance, demographic information, and is used to report to the Arizona Department of Education.

    Teachers document all grades that are used for a student’s final grade in ParentVUE/Synergy. Teachers also document student attendance in this system. Grades determined in other systems will be placed into ParentVUE/Synergy to determine a student’s final grade. Parents and students have the ability to view this information via the ParentVUE Portal:  

    ParentVUE and other information is also available for free download in the iTunes store and Google Play store by searching YUHSD. 

    The app provides password-protected access for students and parents to see live grade and attendance information, allowing parents and students to stay up to date on student progress at anytime, from anywhere. From the app, users can also set their own grade and assignment requirements, a feature which allows the parent or student to be immediately alerted through a push notification if a student’s score or grade drops below that self-selected threshold.

    Other app features include: District and school news, allowing the user to select which schools and district news feeds they want to subscribe to. Push notifications for the District/School to send out instant alerts to the user’s mobile device. Calendar information for schools and district events, including the ability to add events from school calendars to the user’s device calendar. School and district directories and maps. And much more. 

    Canvas – Learning Management System
    :  Online assignments, assessments, and information that students can access at anytime.

    Teachers use Canvas as an online extension of their classroom. Teachers can opt to have students complete assignments, quizzes, and tests in this system. These types of assessments can be as simple as to check for understanding at the end of a lesson or as a unit test. Canvas is also used by teachers to keep resources such as a course syllabus, instructor notes, study guides, and more. Note: Although students may be completing assignments, quizzes, and tests in Canvas, please remember that ALL final grades are recorded in Synergy. 

    Google Suites for Education – Communication and Educational Tool
    Communications through Gmail and Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides are helpful educational tools.

    Teachers and YUHSD will use Gmail as a common communication tool with your student. Google Docs and Google Slides are often used in the classroom as a tool for students to show their understanding, communicate and display content. Google Suites has multiple educational tools that sync to Canvas very conveniently. It also allows for students to familiarize themselves with a platform often used in job settings around the world. 

    Extended Learning Program (E.L.P.) – Learning Recovery Program
    :  To provide students with an online option to recover learning (or credit - school choice?) from their core classes (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies).

    Extended Learning Program is utilized by students and teachers as a way for students to recover specific learning from their courses. The E.L.P. courses are aligned to the essential standards outlined by our teachers. The E.L.P. courses are online via our Canvas Learning Management System. 

    Additional informational resources: Social Media

    Purpose:  To provide parents, students and the community up-to-date information about news, events, and other happenings on campuses throughout the District. 

    Somerton Digital Accounts
    Twitter: Your school’s official Twitter account is @YUHSD
    Facebook: Your school’s official Facebook account is Somerton High School Toros
    Instagram: Your school’s official Instagram account is @SomertonHSOfficial

    YUHSD Digital Accounts
    Twitter: The District’s official Twitter account is @YUHSD
    Facebook: The District’s official Facebook account is YUHSD70
    Instagram: The District’s official Instagram account is @YUHSD70