Cambridge Board Testing

  • Why should you test?

    • Success on a test can make you stand out on college applications
    • Measures progress towards college readiness
    • AS classes (Junior/Senior level) can give you credit for college
    • If you fail a class, a high enough test score will earn your credit back
    • Good practice for ACT/SAT college entrance exams


    • Formal and final registration will start after Winter Break and be accepted until third week of January
    • You will need to register for the test using the BES Parent Letter & Interest Form
    • Parent/Guardian approval and signature are required

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can test?

    • Any student in a Cambridge course

    When are the tests?

    • Testing will occur in the Spring semester

    Where do I test?

    • Test will be taken on campus

    What does it cost?

    • You are not charged for taking the test


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