New Student Enrollment

  • Welcome to Yuma Union High School District. Listed below are the steps to enrolling your student:

    • Parents/guardians and their student should register at the school zoned for their residence by bringing the below listed required: If you are seeking enrollment at the school zoned outside of your residence see Open Enrollment information listed below. School and Bus Routes Find: Not sure what school is zoned for your residence? Click here to locate your student’s home campus. Bus transportation is available for students who live more than 2 miles from the school. Click here for bus routes. 
    • Required documents: During the enrollment process, the parent/guardian will need to provide the following documents:
      • Birth certificate for the child, original or certified true copy
        *if you are not listed on the birth certificate, you will need legal documentation regarding custody*
             Proof of identity of parent/legal guardian:
             Proof could include but is not limited to: 
             A state issued driver’s license
             An Arizona ID 
             A valid passport
             A military or government issued ID
             A consular card 
      • Up to date immunization records
      • Proof of residency (per Arizona Department of Education: Arizona Residency Guidelines): The parent or legal guardian must provide one of the following documents, which bear the parent or legal guardian’s full name and residential address or physical description of the property where the student resides (no P.O. Boxes):
        *Valid Arizona driver’s license, Arizona identification card
        *Valid Arizona motor vehicle registration
        *Valid Arizona Address Confidentiality Program authorization card
        *Property deed
        *Mortgage documents
        *Property tax bill
        *Rental agreement or lease (including Section 8 agreement or off-base military housing)
        *Electric, gas or water bill
        *Bank or credit card statement
        *W-2 wage statement
        *Payroll stub
        *Certificate of tribal enrollment (506 Form) or other identification issued by a recognized Indian tribe located in Arizona
        *Other documentation from a state, tribal or federal agency (Social Security Administration, Veteran’s Administration, Arizona Department of Economic Security, etc.)
        *Temporary on-base billeting facility (for military families)
      • School records
        *Withdrawal form
        *Report card (most recent)

Paying Fees & Open Enrollment

  • Fees can be paid at each school's webstore:

    Open Enrollment

    We are an open enrollment district according to the provisions set forth in Arizona Revised Statutes 15-816 and District Governing Board policy JFB. Specifics regarding this policy are available at the District Office and also at each campus. 

    Download 2021-22 Open Enrollment Form

    Open Enrollment Procedures

    • Each student seeking open enrollment must submit a properly completed application and must meet all district admission standards.
    • Open Enrollment selection is made prior to the beginning of each semester. To be considered for selection for a given semester, the open enrollment application must be submitted to the District Office immediately prior to or within ten (10) school days of the beginning of a given semester.
    • Students are placed on waiting lists based on the date and time of submission of open enrollment applications, per Governing Board policy JFB-E.
      • REGULATION JFB-R: All applicants will be accepted if there is sufficent capacity. If there is insufficient capacity, applicants will be selected from the submitted applications for enrollment in a school int he order of the date and time of the application with a random selection process except where policy may indicate otherwise. After April 15, pupils shall be selected for enrollment from the waiting list in the order in which the pupils were placed on the waiting list in the order of the date and time of application, or as otherwise provided by policy. 
    • Students who move into the District for the first (1st) time will be allowed to apply for open enrollment upon their arrival.
    • Parents/legal guardians will be notified via the email which was provided on their application on the following dates:
      • March 11
      • April 16
      • May 24
      • August 20

    Step 1 For Vista High School Enrollment

    Throughout the school year, students interested in enrolling at Vista High School must go to Enroll for additional information, located under Academics tab, then the Enroll tab.