Athletic Clearance

  • Please present your birth certificate and clearance packet with your parent signature(s) to the athletic office secretary to obtain a copy of your clearance card. You must obtain a clearance card for each sport. Upon obtaining clearance, you must present your clearance card to your coach to be cleared to participate. A student must have a physical exam from a U.S. doctor on an approved AIA physical form, available at the athletic office.

    The physical examination for the following school year shall be given on or after March 1. Athlete clearance and eligibility are governed by the Arizona Interscholastic Association and by Yuma Union High School District Board Policy.


    Eligibility Standards

    We will use marking period grades to determine eligibility. If we determine students to be academically ineligible at the end of a grading period, they shall remain ineligible until they meet the eligibility requirements. The minimum ineligibility period is one full calendar week while school is in session. Following the one week of ineligibility, we will check ineligible students weekly for academic progress, and they shall become eligible the following Monday upon passing all classes. We strongly encourage students who are ineligible to attend academic support programs.