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The Seventy, Season 02, Episode 002: How Did We Get Here w/ Ryann Quick

by YUHSD on 12/9/2021 Length: 35:29

YUHSD Chief Communications Officer Eric Patten is joined by Superintendent Gina Thompson and YUHSD Safety Officer and COVID-19 Project Manager Ryann Quick. The trio talks in depth about the way the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted students, including the mental trauma inflicted. They also review the incredible timeline from March 13, 2020 to today and dispel some of the wild myths and misnomers about the district's practices and policies during the pandemic. 

The Seventy, Season 02, Episode 001: Fiery and Proud w/ Dr. Daniel Corr

by YUHSD on 11/17/2021 Length: 36:26

YUHSD Chief Communications Officer Eric Patten is joined by Superintendent Gina Thompson and Arizona Western College President Dr. Daniel Corr. In the relaunch of The Seventy, and an interview that was more than a year in the making, the two local education leaders discuss the partnership between the high school district and the college, changes to the perception of education in the Yuma community, the value of dual-credit offerings, how they approach challenges, and much more.

The Seventy, Episode 008: Yuma Educators Summit w/ Josh Cecil

by YUHSD on 1/28/2020 Length: 19:10

YUHSD Chief Communications Officer Eric Patten rings in 2020 with Josh Cecil, Centennial Middle School teacher and organizer for the Yuma Educators Summit. The two talk about how to sign up for the first-ever local teacher professional development, what drove Cecil to get into education, and why producing a high-quality professional development in his own backyard is so important to him. For more information on YES, which takes place June 25-26 at Arizona Western College, visit: 

The Seventy, Episode 007: AVID w/ Christal Buckley & Dave Robinson

by YUHSD on 11/13/2019 Length: 26:01

Superintendent Gina Thompson spends time with Yuma High Teaching and Learning Coordinator and YUHSD AVID Coordinator Christal Buckley and Gila Ridge history teacher Dave Robinson. The trio discuss WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading) strategies, why AVID is here to stay, and much more. 

The Seventy, Episode 006: Canvas Learning Management w/ Melissa Ellegood & Christie Nicholson

by YUHSD on 10/24/2019 Length: 20:21

In the sixth episode of The Seventy, Chief Communications Officer Eric Patten talks to YUHSD's Director of Education Technology & Learning Management Melissa Ellegood, and Kofa High School culinary instructor and reigning High School Teacher of the Year Christie Nicholson about Canvas, how it can be implemented in all classes, why it's a valuable tool for students, teachers, and parents, and much more.

The Seventy, Episode 005: Don't Fear The FAFSA w/ Cesar Castillo & Kevin Swearingin

by YUHSD on 10/1/2019 Length: 23:24

In a conversation about how school counselors can assist students, YUHSD Chief Communications Officer Eric Patten is joined by San Luis High School Counseling Director Cesar Castillo and Cibola High School Counselor Kevin Swearingin. They dispel myths about the FAFSA, and talk counselor-to-student ratio, technology innovations in each of their departments, and more.

The Seventy, Episode 004: Standards w/ Eric Brooks & Ian Coltman

by YUHSD on 9/26/2019 Length: 25:44

YUHSD Superintendent Gina Thompson talks about standards-based grading, the impact it has on student achievement and success, and much more with Chief Academic Officer Eric Brooks and Kofa High School Science Instructional Leader Ian Coltman. 

The Seventy, Episode 003: Student Nutrition w/ Grace Pruit

by YUHSD on 9/12/2019 Length: 24:01

YUHSD's Eric Patten discusses student nutrition with YUHSD Student Nutrition Director Grace Pruit. They talk about new menu items like paninis, wraps, and salads, how the no-cost meal program works, how decisions are made about the menu, and much more. 

The Seventy, Episode 002: New Coaches w/ Jae Ellegood & Jessica Gastelum

by YUHSD on 9/5/2019 Length: 21:12

YUHSD's Eric Patten discusses coaching with Gila Ridge High School football coach Jae Ellegood and Yuma High School volleyball and softball coach Jessica Gastelum. The trio touches on the experience of a new coach, the differences between being on campus vs. off campus, how to get more students to turnout and buy in, and much more. 

The Seventy, Episode 001: Redo-Retake w/ Monique Manifold & Marelis Rivera

by YUHSD on 8/29/2019 Length: 19:53

Cibola English IL Monique Manifold and Yuma High Science IL Marelis Rivera join Yuma Union High School District Superintendent Gina Thompson on the premier episode of The Seventy. The trio discusses the practice of redo-retake, including its practicality, application, and some of the misnombers about providing redo-retake opportunities for students. (Click the link above to listen)