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Strategic Plan

Every thriving organization has a vision for the future, a plan for success, and goals that guide its achievements. We would like to share our strategic plan with you. 


We are committed to the educational excellence of our students by empowering them with the means for success and by challenging them to become productive members of society. EVERY student college, career, and community prepared upon graduation. 

Core Values

  • Learning Centered Education
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Focus on Results
  • Valuing Faculty, Staff, and Partners
  • Focus on the Future
  • Agility
  • Organization and Personal Learning
  • Systems Perspective
  • Management by Fact

Operating Principles

  1. We agree to create excellence through a passion for learning.
  2. We agree to place students at the center of all of our decisions.
  3. We agree to hold ourselves and each other accountable and expect excellence.
  4. We agree to demonstrate respect, model integrity, and honor the needs of our community.
  5. We agree to collaborate in order to proactively solve problems and attain goals.
  6. We agree to spend our resources wisely.

Priorities And Goals

  • Students’ Successes
    • Provide opportunities and foster high expectations for academic growth for our diverse learning community.
    • Expand and enhance career and technical education opportunities and alternative options for student learning.
    • Promote, support, and encourage school-wide participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Positive, Safe, and Orderly Environment
    • Provide a secure, non-threatening climate.
    • Provide consistent, appropriate, and effective discipline.
    • Provide safe, well-maintained facilities and equipment.
    • Provide a positive environment built on mutual trust, respect, and responsibility.
  • Highly Performing Personnel
    • Provide a diverse corps of highly qualified personnel to support student success.
    • Promote an environment of open communication and dialogue among stakeholders.
    • Foster a climate of effective relationships to support success for all.
  • Community Involvement
    • Recognize and respect our diverse community working toward the common interest of student education.
    • Strengthen communication throughout our community.
    • Increase and support the involvement of all stakeholders in the educational process.
  • Effective and Equitable use of Resources
    • Demonstrate and enforce sound fiscal practices.
    • Anticipate and plan for the design, construction, and maintenance of facilities and grounds to maximize student successes.
    • Serve a variety of nutritious and appetizing food.
    • Ensure that technology is accessible to all.
    • Provide safe and timely transportation to all eligible students.