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Mastery of Arts Program

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Program Overview

The YUHSD Mastery of Arts program is designed for ALL YUHSD students who have a purposeful interest within the arts. The intent is to work collaboratively with each of the YUHSD high schools’ fine arts programs and community artists to grow, enhance and refine a student’s skill sets within the art disciplines. All program courses are designed to be an extension of a student’s fine arts high school experience.  The courses are open to 9-12th grade students interested in taking coursework beyond, and in addition to, their home high school offerings.  All courses offered will fulfill ELECTIVE credit only.

Students must apply. Courses are to be offered in the afternoons, evenings, and/or weekends 1-2 times per week. Students must provide their own transportation.

Yuma High School: 400 S. 6th Ave, Yuma, AZ

Courses Offered

Success Seminar/Ready, Set, Go! (Required)
Description: This introductory course prepares students for optimal success within the fine arts world during high school and beyond by motivating them to develop skills, knowledge and behaviors that will create confident, self-sufficient individuals.

Capstone/That’s a Wrap! (Required)
Description: This course is designed to assist students with the development and management of their capstone project as they finalize their criteria to earn the Arizona Arts Proficiency Seal.  Through the capstone project, students will demonstrate their artistic literacy through their ability to Create, Perform/Present/Produce, Connect and Respond as an artist.

Go Lights, Go Sound!/Theater Technology
Description: This is an introductory course which explores the production aspect of theater.  Students will investigate specific areas of production from a practical base.  Students will be given the opportunity to learn about the technical aspects and basic operations of lighting and sound technology.

Trash Treasures
Description: This course is designed to combine the learning of social skills/etiquette with artistry.  Students will be taken through an interviewing, designing, creation and presentation process.  Students will take ordinary classroom trash cans and work through the creative process to turn trash into something to be treasured.

Art Murals/Paint the Town
Description: This art course introduces students to conceptual and practice based aspects of mural painting.  The course also includes a social outreach component by conducting a collective mural(s)  within the community.

Take One- Action!
Description: This course is designed to introduce students to the art of storytelling through film.  Introduction to the world of narrative filmmaking will include a combination of discussion, reflection and hands-on experience.

“Triple Threat”/Musical Theater
Description: This course is designed to be an exploration of American Musical Theater.  Students will study the work of the actor/singer/dancer and use their gained knowledge to develop as performers.  There will also be a focus on the audition process.

Garage Band Jam Session/Music
Description: This course is designed to bring student musicians together to “play around” with music.  Students will learn how to collaborate with one another, moving through the stages of improvisation to a collective finished product.

5,6,7,8! Dance
Description: This course is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to create movement sequences for individuals and groups of dancers on stage. Choreographic techniques related to body movements, space, timing, positioning, and dance will be explored.

Arizona Arts Proficiency Seal


Yuma Union High School District invites our students to qualify for the Arizona Arts Proficiency Seal.

The Arizona Arts Proficiency Seal was adopted to celebrate students who demonstrate high levels of proficiency in the Arizona Arts Education Standards through personal expression and creative experiences in arts education programs.

This program also identifies pathways of artistic literacy that cultivate skills for 21st Century success. Its goal is to prepare students for college and career readiness, including active participation in the creative industries sector. The program is designed to promote access to well-rounded, high quality arts education across the state. Yuma Union High School District Fine Arts provides programs which fulfill these goals, and we are excited that our students have the opportunity to be recognized for their excellence.

What does it mean to qualify for the seal?

Students who qualify for the Arizona Arts Proficiency Seal are recognized for their high level of proficiency. The seal appears on their graduation certificates and will be recorded on their transcripts. Any student who receives the seal and is successful in gaining admission to the Fred Fox School of Music at the University of Arizona will automatically be awarded a $1000 scholarship.

How to qualify

Teachers: See the requirements and application below. 
Students: Talk with your fine and performing arts teachers to find out how you can qualify.


Q.  Who is eligible to participate in the M.A.P.?

  1. All YUHSD (9-12) students that have a purposeful interest in the arts are eligible to participate.

Q.  Can I earn my high school diploma through the M.A.P.?

  1. Since the M.A.P. is a program not a high school, students will not be eligible to earn a high school diploma and will need to work with their home high school to ensure graduation requirements are satisfied.

Q.  What kind of credit can I earn through the M.A.P.?

  1. Students will earn Elective credit only and can potentially earn concurrent credit through AWC.

Q.  When and how long are the classes?  

  1. Classes will typically be “college style”, 1 or 2 days a week, afternoons/evenings/weekends.

Q.  Do I have to have my own transportation?

  1. Yes, students must provide their own transportation (YCAT option).

Q. What is the AZ State Seal of Arts Proficiency?

  1. The Seal is awarded to Arizona graduates who complete an arts pathway. The seal is meant to   recognize mastery of Arizona arts education, cultivate artistic literacy and skills for 21st Century success, promote increased access to well-rounded, high-quality arts education, and prepare students for college and career readiness including active participation in the creative industries sector.

Q.  How do I enroll in the M.A.P.?

  1. Please reach out to your assigned school counselor for more information. You can also contact Virginia Legros (MAP Executive Director) at


Here's your chance to help our schools without it costing you a thing.

Arizona allows state income taxpayers to receive a tax credit of up to $400 for contributions made to public schools to support extracurricular activities. This tax credit is available to all taxpayers whether or not they have children in public schools. 
The kinds of programs you can help fund range from sports and band fees to lab sciences and art projects. The Yuma Union High School District is committed to maintaining these activities for the enjoyment and enrichment of our students. Unfortunately, our funding is not sufficient to offset all of the associated costs. As a result, these programs must depend on fees from students. And that's where you can help.

You can donate to the Mastery of Arts Program by simply clicking here, choosing the "buy now" option, and selecting "Mastery of Arts" from the "Name of Activity" section. 


Virginia Legros

Executive Director
Phone: (928) 502-5195