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Cambridge Curriculum

YUHSD students participate in a rigorous program of study called Cambridge Curriculum.  Cambridge is a product of the prestigious University of Cambridge and is used in over 9,000 schools in more than 160 countries around the globe. In fact some of the highest performing students in the world are participating in a Cambridge program.  And, because Cambridge is internationally benchmarked, it sets the academic bar high and meets Arizona Standards.

YUHSD students are among an elite group in our state benefiting from the Cambridge program.  Our students are leading the way in academic excellence, giving them a competitive advantage as they pursue their college and career goals!

The Cambridge program includes several levels of curriculum in core content areas such as Mathematics, Science, History and English Language as well as curriculum-aligned board examinations.  Together, the curriculum and examinations are challenging and preparing our students for success in college and career beginning in ninth grade through their senior year.

What You Need to Know:

  • Cambridge is designed to develop skills in demand by employers and universities including critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration.
  • Cambridge IGCSE’s academic rigor better prepares students for Advanced Placement and YUHSD CTE coursework, and ultimately, for success in college and career.
  • Students advance through the Cambridge program of study as they demonstrate a mastery of content knowledge.
  • Cambridge transforms our classrooms with a greater focus on depth of content knowledge and inquiry-based learning.
  • The Cambridge Board Examination systems, optional for all YUHSD students, are used to identify opportunities to further develop content knowledge as well as foster college-going conversations.
  • The best way to appreciate the Cambridge difference is to visit one of our classrooms. Sign up for a Tour today!