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Teaching & Learning

Hear motivational speaker Ricky Ramirez talk about what makes YUHSD teachers and staff education champions. 

Yuma Union High School District is committed to providing a rigorous academics experience as well as support to all content areas and programs that impact student learning. Through integrated approaches to curriculum, technology and personalized learning, the Teaching & Learning team supports the district goal of EVERY student College, Career and Community Prepared. 

For a full description of the courses offered here at Yuma Union High School District, you can view them below:


Programs of Study

The selection of an appropriate program of study is an important decision which requires direct involvement of the counselor, teachers, parents, and student. The purpose is to plan a challenging, goal-oriented four-year high school program. This graduation plan should be carefully developed in order to meet both graduation requirements and fulfill student educational goals.

NOTE: Some courses are taught at only one school, due to facility and/or equipment limitations. Students from one campus may enroll in a course taught on another, if scheduling permits. Students who wish to take a class at another school and can work it into their schedules must provide their own transportation.

Christal Buckley on purple yuhsd logo background.
Christal Buckley

AVID, District Coordinator
Director, College and Career Readiness

Phone: (928) 502-5045

Mike Sharp on purple YUHSD logo background.
Mike Sharp

Director, Strategic Projects
Phone: (928) 502-4688

Adriana Medrano with purple background and white YUHSD logo
Adriana Medrano

Project Manager/District Test Coordinator
Phone: (928) 502-4656

Rita Nevarez with purple background and white YUHSD logo
Rita Nevarez

Administrative Assistant 
Phone: (928) 502-4672

Bibi Frazine on purple YUHSD logo background.
Bibi Frazine

Director, Educational Technology/Learning Management
Phone: (928) 502-4685

Charlotte Stevenson on purple YUHSD logo background.
Charlotte Stevenson

Director, Academic Operations
Phone: (928) 502-4686

Jesus Garcia with purple background and white YUHSD logo
Jesus Garcia

Data Associate 
Phone: (928) 502-4684