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Paraprofessional Assessment

The Paraprofessional Assessment (ParaPro Exam) is a general aptitude test that offers certification for prospective and practicing paraprofessionals. It measures reading, writing and math competencies and offers the Yuma Union High School District an objective assessment of your knowledge and skills and the ability to effectively use them in the classroom.

Required Identification: 
A valid government-issued ID and containing both your photograph and your signature.  

Fees (Payable by Money Order Only):  
$55... If you are a Yuma Union High School District employee or if you have been hired as a new paraprofessional
$75... If you do not work for Yuma Union High School District nor have you been employed as a paraprofessional to work at Yuma Union High School District.

Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Contact Monica Ramirez,, or (928) 502-6782, to schedule your appointment and to pay the testing fee.

Informational Links:
Visit for content categories and the approximate percentage of questions expected in each category. 
Visit for information to assist with test preparation (sample questions and explanations of answers). 
Visit, state requirements  to pass ParaProfessional Assessment in your state.