Behind the Wheel

  • The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) requires applicants to have their instructional permit for at least six months before they are eligible to apply for their driver's license. For more information about getting a license, please visit ADOT online.

    In order for us to issue a certificate of completion, the student must be enrolled in the Yuma Union High School District #70 and have complete one of the following:

    • Driver's Education (classroom/course)
      • The classroom/course while attending high school in our district.
    • Behind the Wheel (six hours of driving)
      • Six hours of actual behind the wheel driving and the permit or license is mandatory in order to drive the vehicle
      • We cannot issue a certificate until one of the components has been completed and passed.

    Important: Waiting period can be up to five months for the driving behind the wheel instruction. (Note: student must have a graduated instruction permit for a period of six months to be eligible for an Arizona driver's license if not 18 years of age.)

    You can fill out an application in our office where we will be happy to answer any additional questions. We are located at 221 E. 26th Place, Yuma, AZ 85264. The waiting period for the driving instruction is three to four months, so you will have to plan ahead. You may return the application by mail or deliver it to the address above. Please include the following:

    • a completed application; you can complete an application at our office
    • a copy of the applicant’s instructional (learner’s permit or license)
    • fee of $200.00, check made out to Yuma Union High School District BTW (we will charge a fee of $25.00 for any returned checks)

    Once we receive your completed application, the instructor will call you to schedule the driving times. We understand that emergencies do occur, however, in the event of a cancellation or no show for the agreed time, there will be a $25.00 charge, unless the instructor is contacted at least two hours in advance.

    When the student has completed and passed either the Driver’s Education course or Behind The Wheel program, we will award them with a Certificate of Completion. The student must be present when given the Certificate of Completion, and it is valid for 12 months from the date of completion. The DMV reserves the right to test any applicant; however, they may use the certificate to waive the required road/skills test when submitted with an application for an Arizona Driver’s License. Also, some insurance companies will offer a discounted rate on your insurance premiums upon completion of this course.

    If you have any questions, please contact our office at 928-502-6780.