Open Enrollment

  • We are an open enrollment district according to the provisions set forth in Arizona Revised Statutes 15-816 and District Governing Board policy JFB. Specifics regarding this policy are available here and also at each campus. 

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Open Enrollment Procedures

    • Each student seeking open enrollment must submit a properly completed application and must meet all district admission standards.
    • Students are placed on waiting lists based on the date and time of submission of open enrollment applications, per Governing Board Regulation JFB-R
    • REGULATION JFB-R: Open Enrollment application for the upcoming school year will be made available on October 1. All applications properly submitted between October 1 through March 15 will be numbered in the order in which they are received and placed on a waiting list. If there is sufficient capacity, applicants will be notified of their approval after March 15. If there is insufficient capacity, applicants will be selected from the waiting list with a random selection process except where policy may indicate otherwise. A random number generator will be utilized to select students from the waiting list. The number of students selected will be based on the available capacity of the school(s). A recording of the selection process will be accessible via a link on the District website. Applicants will be notified of their approval or denial after March 15. Applications not randomly selected will remain on the waiting list in the order received and considered for selection as school(s) capacity allows. Selection dates will be announced on the District website.
    • Students who move into the District for the first (1st) time will be allowed to apply for open enrollment upon their arrival.
    • Parents/legal guardians will be notified via the email which was provided on their application on the following dates:
      • January 20
      • March 11
      • April 22
      • May 31
      • August 19
      • November 10
      • January 23
      • April 21

Enrollment Preference for Excess Capacity

  • Our school district shall give enrollment preference to and reserve capacity for all of the following: 

    • Resident pupils.
    • Pupils returning to the school from the prior year.
    • Siblings of pupils already enrolled.
    • Active duty military families.
    • Pupils who are children of persons who are employed by or at a school in the school district.
    • Pupils who are in foster care.
    • Pupils who meet the definition of unaccompanied youth prescribed in the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. 

Athletic Eligibility

  • Granting open enrollment does not guarantee athletic eligibiity at the new school. If you have questions about athletic eligiblity please speak to the athletic director at one of the district high schools.  

2022-23 Open Enrollment Updated 8-5-22

  • Open enrollment capacity