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Standards Based Approach for Distance Learning

  • Yuma Union High School District is moving towards a standards-based distance learning approach. A standards-based approach will give students flexibility to work on content on the schedule that works best for them. It will be critical to identify only the essential standards or key questions, your students need to meet in order to pass your class. Research shows it is important to give timely and detailed feedback when a student submits an assignment. We are asking that teachers do their best to have a 48-hour turnaround from when a student submits an assignment to when feedback is provided. We understand that special circumstances may arise when this might not be possible. Please make sure you refer to the course titled "February Professional Development Day 2020" for additional resources.

    Office Hours
    Teachers will need to provide students with a minimum of six hours per week and two days per week of being available to their students through Google Meet. Office hours should be on a Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:30-3, consistently the same every week. All teachers should have office hours published on their homepage.

    Example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10-12.

    Watch the video on setting up office hours in Google Meet and sharing the link on Canvas

    Reminder: Please remeber all content has to be PUBLISHED in order for students to see it, including your course.

    Pro Tip: Watch the videos on your phone while you follow along on your computer. You can also pause and rewind as much as needed!

Setting Up Canvas for Standards Based Distance Learning

  • Using a standards-based approach will allow students to work at their pace through content during this continually changing and difficult time for Yuma Union High School District and our families. Allowing for flexible due dates will relieve stress and anxiety for many students. Please click on the document below to help get you started using a standards-based approach. The steps on this page are to be used once you have identified the standards, knowledge/skills, and objectives. Please see the teacher guide for a step-by-step of the process.

    Teacher Guide:
    Standard-based Distance Learning

    Step 1
    Download the "YUHSD Standards-Based Distance Learning" page from commons.

    Watch video on how to do that here:

    Step 2
    Create at least one assignment for each objective in Canvas.  Remeber we want to give students choice, if students get to choose between assignments that would be best.

    Watch this video to see how to create a basic assignment in Canvas.

    Watch this video to see how to create an assignment that integrates Google Documents with Canvas.

    Step 3
    Edit the home page and make it applicable to your class.

    Watch the video on how to do that here: 

    Step 4
    Add Office hours to your homepage. 

    Here is a video on how to add a Google Meet link to your Canvas page:

    Step 5
    Grade and provide feedback to students within 48 hours

    Here is a video on how to grade and provide feedback in Canvas

Helpful Resources for Distance Learning

  • I want to have my students engaged in a rich discussion while school is closed.
    Check out this video on using discussions in Canvas:

    Additional info: Check out the self guided session "Creative Uses for Discussion in Canvas" in the February Professional Development Day 2020 course.

    I want to have conferences with my students while school is closed.
    Check out this video on how to link Google Meet Hangouts into your Canvas course:

    I want to create a lecture for my students to watch
    Go to the Februry Professional Development Day 2020 course and check out the following self guided sessions:

    • Canvas Studio
    • Screencastify