Nurse's Corner

  • Welcome to the Nurse's Corner! This is where you will find current information about health alerts, immunizations, medication policies, and more. We invite to you check for updates frequently.

    School Nurse: Caralyn Ivey, RN
    Health Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
    Phone: (928) 502-5509 & Fax: (928) 502-5695

    Alternative office extensions: x 5508 (Natalia Villaneda) and x 5510 (Juanita Gonzalez)

    Notes from our Nurse

    We know your child's health and well-being are important, and we are here as your partner to protect and keep our students healthy. Please take a moment to review our policies. We require new chronic illness and medication forms each year; we appreciate your help in keeping our records current.


    Please note that if medications held in the nurse's office are not picked up by Thursday, May 25, 2015, they will be discarded per district policy. This includes ALL medications.  Please call the school nurse with any questions.

    Chronic Illnesses:

    We would like to remind you to please notify the school nurse if your child has any chronic illness. It is important that we have a new chronic illness form on file every school year. If your child has a history of diabetes, we require his/her doctor to fill out the diabetic management form. If your child has a history of seizures, we require his/her doctor to fill out a seizure management plan. This form enables the nurse and staff to render care according to the doctor's plan in an emergency.

    Important Reminders:

    We will not accept doctors' notes after 30 days following the appointment. Please bring doctor excuse letters to the health office before/after school or during your scheduled lunch time.

    • Handwashing is the first line of defense against illness. Cover your cough, use tissues!
    Immunization Records

    Immunizations are an important part of keeping healthy and aid in the prevention of communicable disease. Immunizations may be administered by the Yuma County Department of Public Health or by the doctor or clinic of your choice. Please keep your child's immunizations up to date and do not delay in getting your child's immunizations.


    Please check your senior student's shot record for the meningococcal, Tdap, and MMR vaccinations.  Students will likely need these (and possible other) vaccinations for college or any other school beyond high school.

    We enter all student immunization records into ASIIS (AZ Immunization System) and issue reminders about immunizations your child needs before college or other vocational schooling. Please make it a priority to get these additional immunizations as soon as possible.

    9th, 10th, and 11th Grades:

    We continuously enter and update immunization records into the AZ State Immunization System (ASIIS). Please bring any updates to the health office to ensure that your records are accurate and up to date.

    Incoming Freshman 2017-2018:

    Attention parents/guardians of 9th graders for the 2016-2017 school year! If your student needs to take medications during school hours, please have him/her pick up a Medication Consent form in the KHS health office.  Also, please be sure to check immunization records. Your student may not attend classes unless his/her immunizations are up-to-date(TDAP, MCV, Polio, MMR, Hepatitis B, and Varicella). If you have any questions, please call Caralyn Ivey, RN at KHS (928) 502-5509.