• Yearbooks

    The Yuma High School Library has all of the El Saguaro yearbooks from 1910 to current. Yearbooks were not published for the school years 1913 to 1922. All yearbooks have been digitally preserved on DVD by the YHS Alumni Foundation. The Foundation has these historical archives available for purchase, as the older yearbooks are no longer available in hard copy. The library's physical yearbooks are now stored for preservation. However, there are some physical copies from the last three decades available for purchase from the Yearbook Club. Contact the Yearbook Club through the bookstore at 928-502-5316. 

    Campus Publications

    The library has some copies of the former school newspaper, The Thermometer, from years past. They are our best record of the history of Yuma High. The YHS Alumni Foundation has digitally preserved these copies of the Thermometer on DVD. If you have any copies of the school newspaper you don't want or would be willing to loan us for copying, please contact us.Additionally, our 2016-17 journalism class published an online newspaper called the Criminal Record with editor-in-chief Ariel Chambers and associate editor Anthony Nunez operating a small staff that produced daily content throughout the second semester.