• Circulation Information

    Students may check out a total of three books at any one time. They may check out general collection books for two weeks. To check out a book, a student must have a current school ID number (actual ID card is not required) and no overdue books or fines over $1. The due date is stamped in each book. A fine of 10¢ per school day applies to each overdue book. Students are responsible for returning/renewing books and paying any incurred fees. If a student loses a book, he/she will incur a $5.00 processing fee in addition to the price of the book. We will assess the administrative fee of $5.00 to any student not clearing debts with the library at the end of the school year.


    Yuma, Kofa, and Cibola libraries share information and resources with all their students. Yuma students may request a title held by one of the other two libraries. The book will be interlibrary loaned to Yuma High Library and the student may pick it up from us.