• Greetings from Yuma High School! My name is Carissa Fijalkowski and I am the current Student Body President. This is my fourth year in Student Council here at Yuma High and I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful organization.        
            Student Council has taught me many, many things over the years and overall has helped shape the individual that I am today. One of the most moving moments I've had here at Yuma High was when a couple of our Stuco members went down to Phoenix to present why we wanted the Diamondback Charity grant and we ended up walking away with double of the original set grant amount. It was such an emotional, beautiful, and powerful moment for me. It made me realize that you can do anything you put your mind to and to never ever sell yourself short. And most importantly, it made me really proud to be a Criminal. 
            Yuma High School is place where YOU are given opportunities beyond belief, YOU matter, YOU are supported, YOU are given the materials and resources in order to succeed, YOU are welcomed, YOU can engage in our rich history and tradition, YOU can walk around on a beautiful campus, and where YOU can grow and flourish as an individual. And that is exactly why "it's always a great day to be a Criminal!