Employee Benefits

  • Today, more than ever, employee benefits represent an integral part of your total compensation. The Yuma Union High School District offers an excellent benefit plan which provides our employees the following benefits:

    • Health, Dental, and Life Insurance
    • Leave and Vacation
    • ASRS Retirement Benefits/Long Term Disability
    • Worker's Compensation
    • Payroll Deduction Available for Optional Deductions

    Health/Dental/Life Insurance

    The district provides $8,000 per year towards the payment of health, dental, and life insurance for the individual. Part-time, temporary, and substitute employees may not be eligible for benefits. Employees may elect to purchase Buy Up Plans and/or Dependent coverage. Life Insurance is $50,000.

    General Leave

    Leave days will accrue at the rate of approximately one day per month at the start of employment. Possible days credited in one year are as follows:

    • Nine Month Employees: 11 Days
    • Nine Month Certificated and Ten Month Employees: 12 Days
    • Twelve Month Employees: 14 Days

    Leave days accumulative to 180 days per YUHSD Policy GCCA.


    • Twelve Month Exempt Employees may accrue up to 20 days per year.
    • Twelve Month Non-Exempt Support Staff vacation is earned on fiscal year basis. After one (1) year, twelve (12) month are entitled to 12 workdays of vacation. After six (6) years, the vacation shall be seventeen (17) workdays, and after twelve (12) years, twenty (20) workdays. Employees in this group with less than one (1) year of employment shall be entitled to one (1) vacation day for each month worked.
    • Per YUHSD policies GCA, GDD, Twelve Month Employees may automatically carry vacation from the previous fiscal year not to exceed a forty-five day carryover.

    Arizona State Retirement

    Regular employees working 20 hours or more per week must participate in the Arizona State Retirement System. The retirement benefit an employee receives depends on the number of years and months for which the employee receives retirement credit. Employees receive credit by making mandatory contributions to the plan. Long-term disability is provided through an employee’s participation in the Arizona State Retirement System. The long-term disability plan pays 66-2/3% of an employee’s monthly salary after he/she has been disabled for six months. For additional information regarding benefits with the Arizona State Retirement System, log on to their website. New employees are obligated to electronically enroll in ASRS within one week of employment (retirees must specify participation).


    The District contributes 6.2% of salary and the employee contributes 6.2% of salary.

    Social Security

    The District contributes 1.4% of salary and the employee contributes 1.4% of salary.

    Worker's Compensation

    Employees are automatically covered by Worker's Compensation insurance through the district's current worker's compensation carrier. If an employee is injured in an accident arising out of and in the course of his/her employment, he/she is entitled to compensation.

    Payroll Deduction

    Payroll deduction is available for the following options:

    • Extra-curricular Tax Credit
    • 403 B Investments
    • Car/House Insurance
    • Legal Shield
    • Buy Up Plans and/or Dependent Coverage
    • Flexible Benefits Program
    • AFLAC
    • Additional Life Insurance


    A Payroll deducted benefit for you and your family. Helping with legal issues and Protecting your identity. For more information and to Enroll today click the link: legalshield.com/info/yuhsd 

    Additional Benefits for Administrators

    • $200,000 Life Insurance (cost of which is a taxable fringe benefit).
    • Cell Phone stipend for designated administrators.

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