Your Education

  • High school is meant to be a time for fun and friends as well as a time to plan your future and work hard in school to ensure you have the greatest opportunities upon graduation. Ready Now Yuma is designed to help you achieve your goals by preparing you academically for success in college and career.

    How Ready Now Yuma is different

    Ready Now Yuma makes a world-class education available to all students, regardless of past academic performance or post-high school aspirations. Students engage in a rigorous curriculum including Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge International AS and A Level (coming soon), Advanced Placement, and/or Career and Technical Education. Each option is designed to develop skills and knowledge in demand by colleges, universities, and employers.

    In addition, concurrent enrollment is available, allowing you to earn college credit while still in high school. For really ambitious students who meet state requirements, early graduation with the Grand Canyon Diploma is also an option. What’s most important for you to understand is that you have many options for individualizing your high school experience to support your post-graduation goals and dreams.

    Why it matters

    In today’s world, a high school diploma is no longer the finish line. In fact, the vast majority of high paying jobs require some form of postsecondary education including a degree or certificate. And the farther you advance in your education, the higher your potential lifetime earnings, which improves your life opportunities and the communities where you work and live.

    It’s no surprise that employers, colleges, and universities want people with talent and skills. Your Ready Now Yuma academic experience is designed to develop creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills — better preparing you for the college or career path of your choice.

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    Embrace the Opportunities and Reap the Rewards