Postsecondary Pathways

  • YUHSD students have many options as they progress through their high school academic experience. Students may take advantage of the following postsecondary pathways to help them prepare for college and career.

    Career and Technical Education

    YUHSD students have access to more than 160 Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses across our high school campuses. Learn More»

    Concurrent Enrollment

    Concurrent Enrollment enables students to participate in courses that earn college credit while still in high school. Learn More»

    Early Graduation/ Grand Canyon Diploma

    Students who meet state requirements and demonstrate mastery of required college and career-readiness skills may graduate early and earn a Grand Canyon Diploma (GCD).  Learn More»

    Graduation Requirements

    As you plan your pathway, learn more about the graduation requirements necessary to meet your postsecondary education goals:

    Arizona’s Graduation Requirements   University Entry Graduation Requirements

    Ready Now Yuma places students in the driver’s seat with regards to their postsecondary goals and aspirations. Whether a student’s goals upon graduation are to join the military, attend a university, enroll in a technical school, or to begin working in their career, YUHSD is ready to prepare students along their respective paths.