Planning Your Future

  • Ready Now Yuma is about challenging, supporting, and preparing every student for college and career. However, your future is really up to you! Now is the time to explore your post-high school graduation options by talking to the adults in your life, your friends, exploring online resources, and discussing your goals with your high school counselor. Below are some simple steps to take to get you started. Also, be sure to visit our Resource Center for information about your coursework options, graduation requirements, postsecondary pathways, career opportunities, and more.

    • Explore Your Career Interests - Finding a career that aligns with your interests, has market opportunity, and pays a good, livable wage is the ideal. Take time to explore a variety of careers that may interest you.
    • Know What It Takes to Succeed in Your Chosen Career - Conduct your own research online and by talking to people working in your chosen career about what it takes to succeed. Understand what level of postsecondary education is required, whether community college, university, or career training and plan accordingly.
    • Map Out Your High School Coursework - Work with your counselor to ensure your high school coursework is supporting your college and career goals. Understand YUHSD’s graduation requirements and the postsecondary pathway options available to you while still in high school.
    • Work Hard in School. Make it a Priority - One of the top regrets of graduates is that they wished they’d taken their high school education more seriously. Have fun, but don’t let your studies suffer. These are critical years in laying the foundation for achieving your post-high school goals and aspirations.
    • College is an Option! Understand How to Apply and Fund It - Don’t let fear or money stand in the way of your college dreams. Seek our resources and information about how to plan accordingly, and secure financial assistance.
    • Ask for Help and Advocate for Yourself - Just know that you don’t have to go at it alone! Ask the adults in your life for help, including your high school counselor. If you’re not getting the support or guidance you need, stand up for yourself and demand it!
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