• Yuma Union High School District prides itself on being a place “where great minds grow.” As part of our Ready Now Yuma initiative with Helios Education Foundation, every student participates in an academically rigorous program of study within a high expectations college-going environment. The goal is to ensure every student graduates prepared to succeed in college and career.

    Our teachers, counselors, and administrators are the key to our success. In fact, we couldn’t transform the teaching and learning of our entire high school district without visionary, committed individuals leading our schools and inspiring students in our classrooms. As a result, we invest in the on-going professional development of our teachers and leaders to ensure they effectively engage students in our rigorous academic environment and encourage college-going discussions and behaviors amongst all students.

    What’s different?

    Ready Now Yuma makes a world-class education available to every student regardless of past academic performance or post-high school aspirations. The curriculum we are using, Cambridge IGCSE and A/AS Level, as well as Advanced Placement and Career and Technical coursework, meets Arizona Common Core Standards and is internationally benchmarked with many of the most academically advanced nations across the globe.

    Our classrooms are designed to help students develop skills and knowledge that are in high demand by employers, colleges, and our community. Students are engaged in more hands on learning and more real-world discussions across their courses whether math, science, language arts, or history. All coursework is constructed to develop creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills.

    Why it’s important

    In today’s world, a high school diploma is no longer the finish line. In fact, the vast majority of high paying jobs require some form of postsecondary education including a degree or certificate. Too few of Arizona’s students are graduating prepared for college and career, so we must continue to improve our practice, challenging our students with increased rigor as well as guiding them on the path to postsecondary education success.