Registration Information

  • Parents, do you need to register your student at one of the Yuma Union High Schools? You'll need to stop by the high school's office and complete a registration packet. This packet contains forms requiring information like:

    • Home Address
    • Home or Work Phone
    • Parent's Names
    • Emergency Contact Information
    • Home Language Survey Form
    • Student Medical Information

    You must also supply the following documents (in person). We'll make copies and return the originals to you:

    • Your student's birth certificate
    • Immunization Record
    • Transcript
    • Withdrawal Slip
    • Proof of Residency (utility bill, rental agreement)
    • Picture ID of parent registering student

    Pay Fees Online

    Open Enrollment

    We are an open enrollment district according to the provisions set forth in Arizona Revised Statutes 15-816 and District Governing Board policy JFB. Specifics regarding this policy are available at the District Office and also at each campus. 

    Download Open Enrollment Form

    Open Enrollment Procedures

    • Each student seeking open enrollment must submit a properly completed application and must meet all district admission standards.
    • Open Enrollment selection is made prior to the beginning of each semester. To be considered for selection for a given semester, the open enrollment application must be submitted to the District Office immediately prior to or within ten (10) school days of the beginning of a given semester.
    • Students who move into the District for the first (1st) time will be allowed to apply for open enrollment upon their arrival.

    Step 1 For Vista Alternative Enrollment

    Throughout the school year, Students interested in transferring to Vista High School must complete the Transfer Request first, located under the Academics Tab first.