About Us

  • Vision
    Connected, personalized, and growth-focused learning where every individual is valued and supported to reach their full potential. 

    A student experience built on high expectations for all and a commitment to positive relationships that foster life-long success.

    Vista High School offers a small-school environment and block scheduling that helps students earn more credits each year. We specialize in working with 11th and 12th grade students who have experienced setbacks and are committed to graduating or who would benefit from a different environment in order to succeed. 

    We support students most at-risk of dropping out of high school, including students who are not on track to graduate with their cohort, students who have experienced drop out, and students who are not succeeding on a large campus. Students come to Vista to experience the small school model and individualization of learning. 

    Some of the highlights of what we offer include:

    Small School

    • Vista’s student population is 200-300 students. We have 19 teachers and the average class size is 24 students. Although we are small, we have the support staff of a bigger school, including a school nurse, a school social worker, and school security.

    Block Schedule

    • Students have 4 90-minute classes each day that finish every 9 weeks. For some students, managing fewer classes at a time can lead to more success.

    FLEX Periods

    • On Wednesdays, students choose their final 2 periods of the day. This gives students the choice to have extra time in classes that are either more challenging or more interesting.

    Positive Behavior Supports (PBIS)

    • We practice PBIS to promote a safe, productive, and welcoming school environment. Students and staff work together to establish campus values. We take time in class to teach schoolwide conduct expectations. We recognize students for positive choices with praise, rewards, and special events. As a staff we review data on student behavior and make plans throughout the year to improve the school environment.

    Blended Learning

    • Teachers practice Blended Learning stations on a weekly basis to make learning personalized, to give students choice, and to offer students variety in their learning. In Blended Learning, students rotate between different learning environments. This includes small group teacher-led instruction, independent learning where students learn at their own pace, and collaborative learning where students build learning together.

    4 Career and Technical Education Programs

    • Medical Assisting Services
    • Mental and Social Health
    • Business Management
    • Hospitality Management

    Lobo Academy - Afternoon School Option

    • Lobo Academy is designed primarily for older students in their 5th or more year of high school who have daytime jobs, who are caretakers, or who need a shorter schedule or greater flexibility. Lobo Academy is 2 hours a day, 3:45pm - 5:45pm Monday-Friday. Students work on self-paced Edgenuity courses with the support of certified teachers. The purpose of our Lobo Academy is to offer students another option for credit recovery/skills recovery in a non-traditional educational setting. Students work independently in small, supervised, and supported classrooms.